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TESTIMONIALS: Aaron Z., U.S.A. - "Smartp is much more accurate than anything I know out there. It really helps me alot while planning the trades. It also helps me alot in staying objective and not being biased when it comes to trade. Really glad to find your product" TESTIMONIALS: Sub from South Africa - "I am finding your work absolutely fascinating! The accuracy is mindboggling. Are you not interested to start a Smartp Academy? I want to learn more!" TESTIMONIALS: Sharon, Australia - "Firstly want to thank you for your tireless input into your Smartp model. Secondly, your calls in the past few months have been spot on, not just dates but an educated guess on prices. i.e. your 1010 call for October 2nd, 2009 and your 1075 on October 7th/8th, 2009, seemingly out of range a few days prior, but wow, your predictions have been uncannily accurate. Hope, you have benefitted from your great efforts." TESTIMONIALS: KMP, U.S.A. - "Your work is excellent and perfect calls and that is why I am following Smartp. Thanks for your great work and sharing . God pay you back for sharing and God bless you too" TESTIMONIALS: "WaterEric", Hong Kong - "It's really miracle, your predictions are bingo every day. Unbelievable!" TESTIMONIALS: "Meiling", Hong Kong - "I found your graph and suggestion are both absolutely fantastic!" "
Welcome to Smartpredictor!
A Predictive Neural Net
> Smartp visually forecasts trend, time and price on the same chart for E-mini S&P
> Smartp overcomes the deficiencies of traditional TA and Elliott Waves by generating timely change-in-trend (CIT) Time pivots and Price targets
Mechanical Timing Signals
> Eliminate emotions from entry and exit
> Timing CIT's applicable to most related markets such as Stocks, Gold, Crude Oil, Currencies and Global Markets
> Timing CIT's give a patient approach to Elliott Waves, and lets you ride the trend
Timeandcycles Trading Forums
(Smartp's sister site)
"Time is Supreme"
Technical Analysis compendiums literally teach
hundreds of indicators, but most of these are derivatives of price whether that be ROC, RSI, SMA/EMA or any other flavor of the day. Although, the underlying notion or "Truth" really is the Price, these indicators are merely an abstraction of what has already occurred in markets and hence these are lagging indicators at best.

When it comes to real world entry / exit points in markets, Time reigns Supreme. Just like Price has support and resistance(S/R), so does the "dimension" of Time. These Time based S/R's are called CIT's (Change-in-Trend) Pivots.
Getting to know Smartpredictor
Smartp is a neural net based on Elliott Waves, Cycles and Mathematical Techniques. It is 100% mechanical system written in early 2007.
Smartp produces these CIT's at the Daily and Hourly Chart (Intra-week Chart) level. The Neural then goes on to produce the Price Projections as well. The elements of Time and Price combined together reveal the projected market trend at Daily and Intra-week timeframes. The model works on SPX/E-Mini's, but Timing CIT's are valid for all related markets such as Gold, Forex and Commodities & even Global Markets.
Smart and Safe Setups!
Strategic Stops & Targets
> For most key assets (E-mini S&P, Gold, EUR/USD, Oil, Silver, NSEI etc.) - Smartp generates a Smartp Strategy Grid that gives hard stops and 3 levels of (Support/Resistance)
> This further eliminates emotions and suggests targets for a move
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