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Smartp is a neural net based on Elliott Waves, Prop Cycles and Mathematical Techniques (primarily data mining algorithms to create the neural). It is 100% mechanical, hand coded program that was written in early 2007 over a period of 4 months.

1. The predictive Neural Net works in various time frames, so for example there is a positional trading Smartp that has capability to look ahead many months. This allows us to pick Intermediate Term changes lasting many months. These turning points are called Change-in-Trends (CIT's) or in this case Daily CIT. So for example, last significant Daily CIT was a 3/2/09 signal on Smartp (actual bottom 3/6/09). These calls are recorded on our Website/Trading Forum's at http://www.timeandcycles.com and the preceeding Timeandcycles Yahoo Groups.

2. Then there is the Intra-week Smartp that creates a neural for the next trading week. This analysis is meant for short-term traders (day or swing traders)

3. Both Daily and Intra-week Smartp have the ability to project price and time for ES (S&P Futures). Although, from experience Time has a higher degree of accuracy and price levels are also accurate but probably in the 70-80% range, as CIT's continue working in a range trading market such as summer, but then Price loses tad of accuracy.

4. The model works on ES, but CIT's are valid for all markets in our experience! So, for example the the CIT's are valid for currencies, commodities and gold markets as well.

5. Smartp promotes a patient approach to trading, so it is not auto-firing but waiting for the CIT's. The approach calls for waiting for the markets to come meet the Smartp CIT's to initiate trades. Smartp waits at the watering hole.

6. Smartp correctly predicted several low CIT's such as 10/10/08, 11/21/08 and 3/2/09 (off by 4 days and -25 ES points). These are recorded interactions on our forums. The call for 4/27/10 top and crash was made on 8/2/09 by Smartp on T&C Forums.

For additional questions, write to info@smartpredictor.com


Chanakya (M.S. Engineering) has served as a knowledge contributor on Time & Cycles
Trading Forum since 2007. He has invented Smartp (Smartpredictor) a neural net based
on EWT, Cycles and Mathematical technique to project price and time for SPX.
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