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- BULL% declines some after a 10 month high last week. The sentiment has turned a corner ahead of markets most likely just like it did during the week of 4/19/10, when the BEAR% made a 9 month high to be followed by the crash in 2 weeks. - So, shorter ... Read More
July 5, 2010chanakya


- Markets at new lows for the year and into September 2009 price territory, on the heels of April T&C sentiment decline into Sep-Oct 2009 territory in May 2010 - We are revisiting price zone from Sep-Oct 2009 after breaking the Nov 2nd, 2010 lows - However, both BULLISH% didn't give new ... Read More
July 1, 2010chanakya


- BULL % goes ballistic to the highest level at 80% ever since we started recorded T&C Weekly and Monthly Poll Series - BEAR% collapses to its lowest level - Mass sentiment is wrong at turns but can recognize a trend and participate in it. We are not at a new low ... Read More
June 27, 2010chanakya


- BULL% declines after a strong +2.37% rise last week - And most went to NEUTRAL% camp with some joining the BEAR% - Markets rising, NEUTRAL% rising - consolidation/correction may be in order Chanakya/Smartp https://www.smartpredictor.com http://www.timeandcycles.com http://twitter.com/Smartpredictor Register for 1 Week Free Trial - https://www.smartpredictor.com/board/ucp ... e=register
June 20, 2010chanakya


Last week - We expected BULLISH conclusion to the week and got that - See here http://www.timeandcycles.com/articles/?p=676 This week - BEAR% holding steady for all good purposes - But the "uncertain" players moved to BULL% camp, now showing a higher highs trends on BULL% curve and a new high equaling early April 2010 levels - Expect ... Read More
June 13, 2010chanakya


- BEAR and BULL % relatively constant - BEAR% staying high, yet NEUTRAL% (uncertainty) rising amidst declining markets - Bullish result to week?
June 6, 2010chanakya


- BULL% rise after hitting a 8 month low in May 2010 - so given track record June 2010 should have a positive close - High NEUTRAL% is reflective of major tops (as in Dec 2010 and May 2010), uncertainty increases at top. This month NEUTRAL% declines sharply. Though not a ... Read More
May 31, 2010chanakya


Traditional Technical Analysis books delve into "opinion of the crowds", and suggests a contrarian trading philosophy to the crowd sentiments. But what about the "opinion of experts"? See for yourself, how well the T&C Consensus jives with not betting against an "opinion of experts" - On the surface the mathematical correlation between the two data series ... Read More
May 28, 2010chanakya


Watch the potential ES wedge break to the downside next time around. If it occurs, it would target 1144 ES in May 2010. Good luck!
May 3, 2010chanakya


- Markets are still moving up on Dailies - Monday close if down into Friday closing level is a BUY or generally dips into or about Friday's price range are a BUY for this week. 1183 negates this analysis. - Momentum high occurs on 4/14/10. Potential intra-week maxima is 1223+ - Being OEX, ... Read More
April 11, 2010chanakya