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Seems like HSI is range bound for rest of the week and is in a topping process overall but it could take a few more trading day's (TD's) into next week before it levels out on high side. Our subscribers have been alerted on the size of HSI decline and ... Read More
September 11, 2013chanakya


週五至下週 8月19日 update: 模型預計下週恒指於22800-21656區間上落。 今天餘下還有機會上試高位 (超越週四高位機會漸細),下週一裂口下趺並大致回調至週三,然後橫行。預計8月低位會最遲於下週出現 (週三至週五)。
August 16, 2013chanakya


上週五Smartp模型指出恒指於21723見底及22368點以上的目標 (頂點可於22400以上)。 惟按價格模型再上升空間有限,並將回落調整。時間模型指出會於週二收市前見頂。
August 13, 2013chanakya


恒生指數 – 8月5日. Update 1. Went through an inversion cycle on WED. Inversion was visible on the Sunday chart with HOURLY Cycle and DAILY Cycle diverging. The idea was that Wed CLOSE was the next best sync point for a position. 2. Wed came in as a LOW. And as long as that ... Read More
August 8, 2013chanakya


In the current phase of relative peace and stability we now enjoy, many are questioning when the next major war may occur and speculation is rampant as to major participants involved. Our concern here is strictly of a financial nature, however, and a discussion of the geopolitical ... Read More
March 27, 2010chanakya


After the apparently success of its stimulus program, China’s remarkable economic recovery has many observers forecasting an even brighter future for the emerging powerhouse. China’s 2008-2009 economic rebound and rising appetite for commodities has made many bullish converts. A close look at some important indicators, however, calls that optimism into ... Read More
October 31, 2009chanakya


Probably the biggest “X-factor” in the ongoing effort at reviving the global economy is China.  China is seen by many as the world’s emerging industrial powerhouse and its relationship with the United States is considered to be crucial for its own development, as well as for ... Read More
September 27, 2009chanakya