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1/1/14 was a L for GOLD now working its way to 1/9/14 HI have the annual CIT's list compiled for GOLD and $spx. If you would like to purchase it please send me an email at info@smartpredictor.comThanks!
January 3, 2014chanakya


See attached - stay short on GOLD on recoveries into Wednesday at the least or BUY PRICE hit of 1288 HOURLY CLOSE or lower
October 20, 2013chanakya


Gold Update - September 25th, 2013..The atrophy on HOURLY CLOSES on downside was roughly -2.5$, which suggests that 1346.25 GCZ should print - what we got was 1344.Have a good weekend!
September 27, 2013chanakya


9/15 is a twin CIT to 6/28/13. 6/28/13 predicted a massive rally in GOLD as in our update here on 6/19/13Gold Rally of 2013 ComethFriday, 9/13/13 may have reflected the Sunday (9/15/13) CIT for lows and I alerted the subs to the same. The make or break (MOB) given was 1304 ... Read More
September 15, 2013chanakya


See belowGOLD Neural is ready so you will start seeing PRICE projections like ES.Cycles are $GLD based and I am translating that to GC nearest contract. As always Cycles invert and at times they don't translate into PRICE amplitude
July 12, 2013chanakya


Here is the Cycle for this week.7/8 is KEY DAILY CIT and should launch a trending move in GOLD. Inverting again? Low?7/9 BAR compared to 7/8 BAR should reveal direction.
July 7, 2013chanakya


See below. This week.$GLD seems to following an inverted cycle still and that may portend that although a large counter trend rally looms it may be corrective. Will see if the behavior reverts at some point
June 30, 2013chanakya


$GOLD through the eyes of Miners ($NEM).. In the last post 5/2 was listed as a BUY for GOLD going into 5/8. From 4/15-18 posts showing 4/15 as a bottom at 1326 GOLD moved higher into the below twin top specified on 4/18 for $160 GOLD higher into 4/30-5/8 twin top CIT's - ... Read More
May 10, 2013chanakya


$GOLD through the eyes of Miners ($NEM).. From the exact day of GOLD bottom:That was a $146 swing up and now $45 down overall and $37 from 4/30 chanakya wrote:GOLD higher into 4/30-5/8 twin top CIT's - ST TOP and then possible reversion of cycles should occur in May-June 2013. Refer to ... Read More
May 1, 2013chanakya


4/14 was the GLD CIT for bottom. The time series is for GLD which opened on 4/15. Sunday CIT reflected on Monday CLOSE for GLD.GOLD at a major bottom and highly likely that monthly lows in May through July period will be higher lows. July is when momentum will hit ... Read More
April 18, 2013chanakya