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$GOLD through the eyes of Miners ($NEM).. In the last post 5/2 was listed as a BUY for GOLD going into 5/8. From 4/15-18 posts showing 4/15 as a bottom at 1326 GOLD moved higher into the below twin top specified on 4/18 for $160 GOLD higher into 4/30-5/8 twin top CIT's - ... Read More
May 10, 2013chanakya


4/14 was the GLD CIT for bottom. The time series is for GLD which opened on 4/15. Sunday CIT reflected on Monday CLOSE for GLD.GOLD at a major bottom and highly likely that monthly lows in May through July period will be higher lows. July is when momentum will hit ... Read More
April 18, 2013chanakya


The above chart was produced in January 2013 originally and updates given on Timeandcycles.com on 2/21/13. We listed a crash cycle to commence at any point post 3/15/13. The pivot dates normally are presumed to have no predictive powers when it comes to direction of  PRICE. But based on past pivot's ... Read More
April 14, 2013chanakya


April 11, 2013chanakya


    Kian: Agreed per the earlier post and roadmap for GOLD. I think currently we are churning a corrective wave and the move higher into mid-to-late March 2d013 will be part of corrective pattern as well. In the end it should be another "wasted" year for GOLD churning but Q4 can be ... Read More
February 18, 2013chanakya


Gold is in a bull market and so are the gold stocks despite their struggle as a group to outperform Gold. This is nothing new though. We’ve written about this in the past and Steve Saville has before us. Nevertheless, the miners are in a secular bull market and investors ... Read More
November 8, 2011chanakya


The latest and most flaccid argument against Gold is the idea that the increase in advertisements for buying and selling Gold are an indication of a crowded market or public involvement.  As I explained in an editorial last year, sentiment follows the trend most of the time. As a bull market ... Read More
June 25, 2010chanakya


One of the most debated topics today concerns the level of debt as it concerns consumers, corporations and governments. Government debt has commanded a particularly large share of the limelight in recent weeks. Among those who are concerned that debt levels have reached "crisis" proportions, there's ... Read More
June 12, 2010chanakya


Escalating sovereign debt problems in Europe has prompted some to wonder if another “Lehman” type collapse is on the horizon. As a result, some precious metals observers have grown cautious, fearing a replay of the events of two years ago. While it is always prudent to be cautious with an ... Read More
June 11, 2010chanakya


What a difference a month makes! It was only a month ago a leading financial publication came out with the story, "U.S. economy still hemorrhaging jobs despite stimulus." The press was all over the employment data and concluded that the stimulus had utterly failed. They were of ... Read More
February 23, 2010chanakya