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Smartp - $spx - week of 03/03/14..   Higher high today - done, now next up should be a drop to 1861.50-1864.50 ESH14 before Thu CLOSE and recovery.
March 5, 2014chanakya


Smartp - $spx - week of 03/03/14..   Worked so far.   Now toppish rest of the week with a potential for a higher high tomorrow or not (so like overnight drop, Wed OPEN retest), and the SD rest of the week. 1848.63 ESH is likely to hold rest of the week, so perhaps ... Read More
March 4, 2014chanakya


Here are the potential cycles and targets for this week as I am seeing them through my models. Good luck!
March 3, 2014chanakya


FWIW - we have our STOPS as 1844 ESH14 on an hourly close (tighest), 1848/1857 (MOB). With all this remaining intact, this is the operative wave count I am looking at on Smartpredictor.com Good luck!
January 22, 2014chanakya


This is the original chart that subs received as the bottom happened on 6/24/13.I revised this to 1655+ hit by 7/10 almost 2 weeks back. High today 1663.75 ESU.TIME & PRICE met the forecast today on 7/10/13.
July 10, 2013chanakya


As long as 1570$spx/1564 ESU13 holds it is merely a retest of 2007 ATH - an overcome long term peak. If this level goes a deeper decline can occur. Cycles are turning up as well starting Thu After Hours/Friday. All signals point to a BUY at these levels. Manage your stops.Current ... Read More
June 20, 2013chanakya