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May 14, 2015chanakya


$AAPL Fell from Tree But Ready to Rally from late July 2013..   Elizabeth wrote:So I'm going to hold out for Chanakya's 450-454 price target and hope I get lucky.[/color] Elizabeth/Kian:The 454.33 target comes from Smartp's - AAPL Strategy Grid as published earlier and reproduced below.There is nothing in the way of reaching ... Read More
July 29, 2013chanakya


Suggested T&C Weekly Polls close is 1586.33 $spx
April 14, 2013chanakya


From 1/15/13 - secure post on Timeandcycles.com  1st sign of AAPL strength is 501.23+ DAILY CLOSE2nd sign 509+ WEEKLY CLOSEThese numbers are for January 2013. Last public post on $AAPL Sometimes AAPL falls far from tree!. And as of 1/18/13, last Friday's CLOSENo strength reflected on WEEKLY CLOSE by $AAPL. In fact, AAPL is ... Read More
January 21, 2013chanakya


- Markets at new lows for the year and into September 2009 price territory, on the heels of April T&C sentiment decline into Sep-Oct 2009 territory in May 2010 - We are revisiting price zone from Sep-Oct 2009 after breaking the Nov 2nd, 2010 lows - However, both BULLISH% didn't give new ... Read More
July 1, 2010chanakya


Summary Gold is parabolic and could easily reach 1300, 1370 and 1400 briefly before it turns down significantly, and may even extend its Bull run into the Cardinal Climax of August 2010. However, Gold will break sharply when the parabolic move ends and a break of 1190 ... Read More
May 16, 2010chanakya



Quantum Trading.

Quantum Mechanics in 200 words Quantum Mechanics was the highly demanded branch of physics in 20th century. The hypothesis proposed by Max Planck (1900) to describe some physical phenomena (black body radiation) made a revolution in physics compatible with Newton Laws discovered two centuries earlier. In brief the Planck's hypothesis states that ... Read More
May 15, 2010chanakya


Last Week- Markets were up 3.1%This Week- BULL% stands pat at 33%- BEAR% getting scared and declined a tad to 50%- And amidst a rising trend, the BEAR% decided to wait for short entries and moved to NEUTRAL% camp that nearly doubled from last week- Perhaps a pause in up ... Read More
March 7, 2010chanakya


- February was up +2.9% consistent with increasing longer term BULL%, the strongest gains since November 2009- BULL% still sits at new highs since September 2009 lows- BEAR% gave up a bit and move to the NEUTRAL% camp for the month of March 2010
February 28, 2010chanakya


In a recent issue of Barron’s addressed the question of silver possibly having another outperformance in the coming year. The article asks, “Will the poor man’s gold shine in 2010?” The opinion piece (“Gold Isn’t All That Glitters,” by Allen Sykora) drew attention to the other white ... Read More
February 12, 2010chanakya